Displaying empathy to customers takes a whole lot of words and also it involves imagination. It isn’t enough to speak a little good clichés. With the aim mellowing an upset customer. Those who work on jobs pertaining to customer’s service also have the need to understand how it feels to be a customer. When an upset customer experience an unpleasant situation, they always at that point want that their views have been taken into consideration. A very disastrous offence can be not taking the customer complain serious enough and not apologizing to them.


Given the fact that the right things can be said but if not vocal enough can display a poor customer service and so there is a need to make a customer feel genuine sympathy when they speak to a customer service representative. Given the state of human imperfection, it is okay to say that a customer isn’t right always and so, might be on the wrong.
An instance is when a customer might have made a missed payment on his or her credit card and this would put on account in debts resulting in a rejected procurement in a busy store.


The next action which follows after this is a humiliating result. Instantly the customer calls, he throws his fury at whosoever is present because he feels discomfited.
Bravely on the job is shown when the customer representative don’t blame the customer for his inaccuracy but in trying to understand the reason for their grievances.

In order for a customer service representative to act nicely even in the face of unpleasant customers he need to train his/her emotions by;

How It Works


Involves Imagination

Humiliating Results

Customers Opinions

Given the state of human imperfection

Trying to understand the reason for inaccuracy grievances

Taking a step back, breathing deeply to keep his cool, allow disgruntled customers to exhume themselves of their grievances without having too interrupt them, he/she should be sympathetic to the customers opinions and never raise their voices against them.

Responsiveness Speeches for Customer Service Representatives


Listed below are some helpful responsive speeches that could be helpful for addressing customer’s unpleasant situations. “It is always a pleasure for us to have our customers give us their feedbacks, I will pass on what you have said onto our management”.


Thank you for alerting us to the bad service you got, how can we be of any help in fixing the problem. I am sorry you experienced a bad situation as this, I am available if you need help. We hate to see our customers upset and inconvenienced, we are always trying to create a better customer service, thank you.


In conclusion working with a disgruntled customer requires an emotional understanding even when the customer is wrong. By understanding and reasonable talks even an upset customer can be transformed into a happy one.


An answer to the aforementioned question is firstly, the natives on their own were not properly armed and so they were unable to resist the European invaders who were more superiorly armed than themselves Also, The resultant famine, forced slavery, epidemics caused by the Europeans diseases and wars reduced their population number greatly.
Because of the fact that they were new and lacked behind greatly to the European superior economic, political and military power, they did not have the necessary military power to repel the invading Europeans.
Furthermore, the natives lacked unity among themselves and so, they were always fighting for resources like food and land an example was shown when the Aztecs acquired many enemies especially in their own tribe. This caused many conflicts because of domination for territorial rights, acquisition of wealth and the savage practice of using enemy captives for their religious sacrifices.
An opposing Spanish Hernando Corte’s advantaged on their weakness by forming alliances with their enemies. Ironically from the Aztec disunity, the Spanish was very united and very organized as a society. The tribal Americans had the manpower to work with copper but they were limited in knowledge and so they had no way of fighting off the invading Europeans.
On their arrival in the new world the Europeans were welcomed by the native Americans because they greatly admired their appearance they liked their warrior like appearance, their dress and beards, their ships and mostly their technology they brought along with them.

The natives were amazed by the Europeans steel swords and knives, their arquebus (muzzle loader) cannon, copper and brass kettles, mirrors et al, which the Europeans traded with the natives along other items which were very different to the normal native life.
In a turn of event, the Europeans later used all these weapons in dealing much conquest to the natives, who had no idea on how to create such weapons. However it took little time for problems to develop. On arrival of the Europeans there were an estimated seven million natives in North America. Mostly some were hunter gatherers or agricultural based communities. But the greatest inflictions on the natives was the invasion of European diseases which they had little immunity over.
This posed a big problem for them as many natives succumbed to the viral small pox which took great tolls on the natives from contact with the Europeans. As time passed the natives began to hate the Europeans and their faith, they later began to view the white man as wicked and selfish with their wealth. This life was something new for the natives as they began to view the explorers as insatiable for their greed for furs and hides, also they hated the way the Europeans conducted their religious beliefs, marital engagement and other aspects of their traditions.
The Native Americans had a love for nature and connected with it spiritually but the Europeans had a disdain for nature and saw it only as an obstruction in carrying out their nefarious acts also, they only saw nature for an avenue for food and exploitations, this was in very contrast to the way the natives saw nature, thereby was caused a more decline in their relationship with the Europeans.

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Also, the blog serves for a platform in internet trading as many people are harnessing the power of blogging to sell products and services. The internet have given opportunity to many to step up on same level as the big business builders and with the right information anyone could share their feelings and even increase product sales. Many businesses as well as individuals have come to rely on the internet as a good platform for durable trade of advertising and marketing sales. Many businesses of today both foreign and internationally make use of internet enabled sites which they use to further advertise their products from their various countries into the international platforms thereby creating much boost in the sales and services offered coupled with this is a wide scale reputation and global connections.Businesses who have little connections on internet today stand to risk being left behind in the world of where modern technological strategies are the latest trends of today.


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by admin | June 26, 2016

It is uncommon today to find businesses who have no online presence, since the world today continues to develop technologically the need for more upgrade becomes inevitable as more and more businesses go online and so,

the only option left for thriving companies is to enter the market of competition and make a name for itself by joining in line with the internet trade.

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by admin | June 26, 2016

Also, the presence of internet has made communication easier as social enabled applications are developed consecutively to meet this requirements.
The advent of the popular Facebook a multi messaging application also, it has improved greatly over the years to include picture exchanges, video calls and further improvements today is making great additions to the ways communication is executed.

Technological Strategies

by admin | June 26, 2016

Furthermore other life changing applications like twitter, instagram, snapchat and among others has added more value to human relations thereby making the world a global village.

Only time can expose where the resultant use of internet can lead in our lives in this globally advancing technological world.


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